Friday, 22 March 2013

The Babyman Psychopath

With a Teddy Bear in Hand, Trembling Bottom Lip and Finely-Tuned Passive Aggressive Neediness, Once in Control, the 'House-Devil-Street-Angel' Tyrant and Manipulator Arrives Centre Stage, and You'll Be Left Wondering Where 'Mr Gentle Soul' Went.

Although much of the work and writing pertaining to relationship psychopaths often revolves around the hyper-sexuality of the promiscuous psychopath in terms of their targeting and mind controlling their enablers, there remains a large demographic among the psychopathic spectrum who is never good looking enough, or uninterested in/incapable of—sex for control purposes—and this is the Babyman psychopath.

This often 'roly-poly', 'little boy lost' predator seeks out and targets women with a strong (often unfulfilled) parental instinct. Women who are by nature and innate consciousness—nurturers and maternal archetypes—with a strong desire to 'care' for others.

Enter center stage: the Babyman psychopath. No, he is not your online dating, singles-bar style manipulator and predator. Often he is not even interested in sex. But he is no less a cunning, determined and ruthless predator who delights in his hidden parasitic agenda behind a wry, helpless smirk and watery puppy dog eyes. Head tilted ever so slightly sideways while welling up with tears for full manipulative effect.

The female target will often encounter this individual living alone (but more likely with a parent or relative) and he will play the 'helpless, but lovable' human teddy bear angle of attack to a T. He'll still have his childhood toys (especially Teddy bears) with him until adulthood. He will have signs around his home with slogans such as EVERYONE DESERVES A HAPPY CHILDHOOD and other trappings of Hallmark-style superficial chemical-bonding inducing tactics to sweep his wife-mother enabler off her feet. She will be told how he needs taking care of and she'll gladly do it. He will be a child when he needs to be—so adorable and "what a gentle man in this day and age of horny brutes".

He'll wear a Mickey Mouse tie when he goes to work for some government agency or welfare-related employment program. A nice school teaching job perhaps—or a reporter with a small town newspaper. Nothing too challenging. He'll play the 'harmless' but also sometimes arrogant—cerebral, politically correct type who drops phrases such as 'carbon footprint' and 'identity politics' during his numerous cigarette breaks. He is also trying to quit smoking. But only proclaims this. He talks about becoming an author or screenwriter—but hasn't an original idea in his smirking rosy cheeked head. No talent of any kind—musical, artistic or otherwise—but a self-proclaimed, arrogant expert on all these matters. He is waiting for his letter from the Nobel Prize committee to also come in the door any day now.

When he gets a cold or something more 'deadly' such as the flu, he behaves as if it is terminal cancer and he is about to draft up his will. When he does not get what he wants he sulks like a spoiled little boy. Bottom lip trembling and with copious amounts of the silent treatment. Like all psychopaths, he considers any children that the partner has from a previous relationship as being territorial rivals. However, in public he will talk about adopting these 'really awesome kids'.

When his female enabler leaves town to visit her family or sick friend, he pouts and frets at the airport. Upon her return, he is like a giddy little boy on Christmas morning. Perhaps even a nambypamby, flappy arm wave hello. Left alone without his domestic servant, the house will be unkempt as he has been watching TV the whole time and this will just further enforce his ad hoc 'helplessness' upon his devoted female enabler—who he is calling a 'fat stupid bitch' in his mind and smirking at her behind his back as she begins to wash the mountain of dishes in the kitchen sink while she is still jet lagged.

But the Babyman psychopath takes nothing for granted. Like all devious predators, there has to be potential fall-back enabler(s) if needed. The relationship continues only as long as she remains under the spell of his 'little boy lost' persona. If she starts getting too independent, or makes new women friends/social circle without his permission, he will seek an upgrade: another female with a strong nurturing instinct. The Babyman psychopath can smell them in much the same way a shark can smell a bleeding fisherman miles away.

If the enabler gets a serious illness, then Babyman Psychopath portrays himself as the real victim. If no government medical aid or home care assistance is forthcoming, he is back to his parents or another relative. He'll walk out the door mouthing "I love you..." with his head tilted ever so slightly sideways and eyes welling up for full effect. Then he moves on as if the 'stupid fat bitch' never existed. Just business.

Thomas Sheridan is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, musician, public speaker, broadcaster and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His illustrations have appeared on the covers of newsstand magazines, books and websites worldwide. 

The Anvil of the Psyche is considered a vital manual for personal and social survival in a world controlled by greed and false hopes. Thomas' writings and interviews have evolutionised people to build a firewall around their own psyche and not to be lured into handing over personal independence to an exterior collective or guru. As a result, his NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN philosophy applied to controlling individuals and groups has made Thomas an enemy of mind-controlled death cults and neo-Nazi fringe groups.  Thomas has also been featured in several films and documentaries. 

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  1. Reminds me of my ex-husband, who would burst into sobs upon orgasm when we first met. He was "soooo sensitive" I was "his goddess." He insisted on a fast track to marriage. A few months after the knot was tied, that, and the sex ended. All he wanted to do was hole up in his room and watch movies on the internet and collect social security. Made me frickin nuts to work hard at my job, come home to no dinner or affection and hear about all the movies he had watched during the day. I had no idea what had just happened to me and I fell into a severe depression. Fortunately I had insisted on a pre-nup and did not lose my home after the divorce.

    1. Pre-Nup - brilliant move Jonnie.

    2. Thank you, Thomas. Too bad he did leave me with a case of herpes, but at least that's not fatal. I also learned to delight in my new won solitude and stopped feeling lonely for companionship. I was once quite the romantic, but now all that is burned away.

  2. Today I received confirmation that he knowingly exposed me to herpes. He told me it was a norm in his family that the boys all had to urinate sitting down on the toilet seat so as to not dirty the bathroom. Later he got an abrasion on his penis, he attributed it to repeated bumping of his member against the seat. Later when I got a sore and was diagnosed with herpes, he acted as though I was at fault. He even attributed a surprise menstrual period I had to his theory that my vagina must have been so riddled with herpes sores internally, that this period was the result of those sores bursting open during sex! As though I did not know my own body and that I would not feel the pain of such a thing. Just today it occurred to me to check in with his brother about the enforced sitting on the toilet routine that the boys had to comply with. Turns out the brother never experienced or heard of such a thing. Obviously I was being groomed to accept his condition as "normal" and not std related. I know now that was pretty stupid to accept, but I did trust him. He still portrays himself as a spiritually enlightened sensitive new age guy. YUK!

  3. I think this type of psychopath would be a great comedy character.

  4. I think this type of psychopath would be a great comedy character.

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